Migraine Videos

These are our educational/inspirational videos. Of course, like everything here, all the videos are highly controversial, shockingly honest and utterly rebellious. Click on the image to watch the video of your choice; and keep in mind that people you care about might like to watch them too (= share !”).

The Disgusting Migraine Scandal

Click to watch!It is DISGUSTING and nothing short of a Scandal: Tens of millions of victims are needlessly TORMENTED by the agony, misery and assault of regular relentless migraine attacks. Misinformed, they are the vulnerable targets of GREEDY pharmaceutical companies.

SMUG white-coated authorities are brainwashing and deceiving them into believing that migraine was “an INCURABLE GENETIC DISEASE

The Great Migraine Fraud

MigraineFraudVideoPic225Imagine you live in a house. Unfortunately, there is a bomb under the roof. When the bomb explodes, it sets the roof on fire. This is called a fire attack.
Now think carefully: What is the best way to deal with a bomb in the house? A. Get rid of the bomb! B. Use a fire extinguisher during the fire attack!
Also, this story has nothing to do with migraine. Or has it?

What is “A” migraine?


Hello, I’m Lee, the migraine rebel. If your question is, “What is a migraine?” you’ve come to the right place.

Imagine your dentist told you: “Tooth decay is a specific kind of bad breath.” And the only therapy he offers you, is mouthwash. Even though the mouthwash might give you some relief from the smelly breath, you would still tackle the underlying problem: the tooth decay.

 The Threatened Revolution!

NorthKoreaVideoPicLet’s hope that Kim Jong-un isn’t serious about a nuclear strike against The Migraine Revolution. His concerns are certainly justified since The Migraine Revolution is trying to bring down the current regime, but especially the current treatment regime for migraine. Nevertheless, the North Korean Leader is concerned that the pharmaceutical industry could loose valuable customers. That would in fact be awesome!

How to become an Ex-Migraineur (Testimonial)

MarietteTestimonialVidAfter reading the Scientific Patient Guide THE MIGRAINE REVOLUTION: WE CAN END THE TYRANNY, Mariette came to see me for her twice weekly migraine attacks. Six weeks later—now migraine free— she faces her former migraine-suffering self for a brutal show-down. Will she reveal the secret to her success?

Chronic Migraine, IBS, Anxiety — Gone.

PetaVideo_PicSmallBy the time Peta Smith-Kennedy came to see us, she had already done a lot of the work herself. She had reduced the number of Migraine attacks from 2 per week to 1 per month with talk therapy, and she had read THE MIGRAINE REVOLUTION thoroughly from cover to cover.
Then she discovered that our therapy practice is nearby and came to see us for her remaining Migraine/Chronic Daily Headaches, Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Anxiety.

Before relocating to the Sunshine Coast, Peta gave this exit-interview, reflecting on her experiences as a former migraineur. She ends the video with concise advice for others who are still suffering.