Is migraine a disease?

Many prominent figures in the world of migraine insist that “migraine is a disease”. One book author actually claims to know how to live well with migraine disease.  Even the Director of the Headache Clinic at Stanford—a neurologist and migraine patient himself—speaks of migraine as a genetic disease. This raises the question: What is it, […]

Breakthrough in migraine medicine: Trigger food receptors discovered

Discovery of Trigger Food Receptors by International Researchers solves Migraine Mystery (Science Report) It has always been a mystery how otherwise harmless foods and beverages like chocolate, cheese and red wine can cause migraines, the severe headache attacks that torture millions all over the globe. A new study—published in the April edition of the renowned […]

Migraine is not genetic

Migraine is not genetic

Twin studies prove: Migraine is not genetic Migraine patients are frequently told that their debilitating attacks are “inherited”, “genetic” or “hereditary”. Yet, studies show that migraine is not a genetically pre-determined condition: Migraine is not “genetic”. What is genetic? Everybody knows that the color of one’s eyes is determined by inherited genes. Once the brown-eye […]


The Glow of Pain — A new image of migraine attacks

We’ve all seen the photos and paintings of migraineurs’ suffering faces during an attack. What many haven’t seen yet, is what actually happens during a migraine episode. Here is an infrared image of a young man during status migrainosus; a migraine attack without an end. His skull appears to be glowing under his short hair. […]

The Face of the Tyranny

The Tyranny

Suffering from Migraine Migraine is a cruel tyrant. The people under his volatile rule periodically experience excruciating head pain (agony) in combination with dreadful nausea (misery) and extreme revulsion at the relentless persecution and invasion by the outer world in the form of glare, noise and odor (assault). It’s this unique combination of agony and […]