Oh my! — North Korea is now threatening . . . . . The Migraine Revolution!

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Is Pyongyang targeting The Migraine Revolution?

Let’s hope that Kim Jong-un isn’t serious about a nuclear strike against The Migraine Revolution. His concerns are certainly justified since The Migraine Revolution is trying to bring down the current regime, but especially the current treatment regime for migraine. Nevertheless, the North Korean Leader is concerned that the pharmaceutical industry could loose valuable customers. That would in fact be awesome!

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Video transcript (for indexing purposes): 
“Our beloved sovereign leader Kim Jung-Un is furious about the ongoing provocations by THE MIGRAINE REVOLUTION. The supreme command of the armed forces will resolutely retaliate against any attempt to challenge the current treatment regime. It is in the best interest of our proud pharmaceutical industry that migraine sufferers continue to be dependable consumers of heaps of migraine medication. Parents are urged to ensure that future generations can also rely on a strong drug industry: Train your kids as chronic migraineurs! Strengthen their loyalty to migraine drugs by constantly repeating the phrase “Migraine is an incurable, genetic disease.” That will immunize them against defiant ideas of pursuing a targeted rehabilitation. The migraineurs of the DPRK must never ever find out that a migraine liberation manual is available for the price of a massage! If THE MIGRAINE REVOLUTION continues to threaten our pharmaceutical industry the people’s army is going to crush them with nuclear force — in self-defence.”

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