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Migraine_Treatment_Glass-DoorThe only logical and helpful way to end the migraine tyranny is the customized therapy and rehabilitation of the underlying glitches in body, mind and brain (read our Scientific Patient Guide for more on that). Depending on the individual case, various health professionals can be helpful. For example: Naturopaths and other practitioners of Functional Medicine can tweak the body’s biochemistry. Alternative, integrative, holistic medical doctors may be needed for Bio-identical Hormone Supplementation. And Psychotherapists, counsellors and other psychological coaches can assist in sorting out mind issues. All these professionals can easily be found in local directories (e.g. Yellow Pages).

Therapists who can address the underlying glitches in the migraine brain (neurotherapists) are more difficult to find. Therefore we’ve compiled the most comprehensive neurotherapy directory. Not all datasets are perfect, but this tool should help many fed up migraineurs to find a neurotherapist close by. Choose your country first and then select a city from the second drop-down thingo! If the dataset has a weird or incomplete address, the map on the “Details” page won’t work (duh). Please notify us, when you discover invalid info (Therapists, look after your entries!). Good luck and success!



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