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Kids, once upon a time, there were real bookstores in every town between here and the horizon. People would stand in front of bookshelves—made of timber—and pull books—printed on paper—from densely packed rows of literary goodness. They would look at the back cover, assess the table of contents and perhaps read the first pages. That way, the potential readers could easily find their match: the book that they needed and wanted— for the day at the beach, for 30-min recipes or for advice about anything.


Kids, those days are almost gone, but here I have something for you that will make you feel like a trip in a time machine; a reading sample of the book “The Migraine Revolution: We can End the Tyranny”.

Sure, it’s not printed on paper but packed into a PDF-file. Of course, you can’t pull it from a densely packed row of literary goodness, but you can “download” it. That means that the internet-elves quickly form a chain and pass on book-bits and byte-size pieces— like a bucket brigade during a house fire. Seconds later the reading sample shows up on your computer screen, your iPad or even your phone! How can a dusty bookshelf compete with that?

Click here to download a reading sample (PDF)DownloadArrow

Be aware that this sample, especially small font, may well look odd on your computer (or your phone), depending on your PDF reading program, the zoom factor of the display and on how many bits and bytes the wicked Gremlins could snatch off a tired or distracted elf.