Our Satisfaction Promise

FrontCoverWe all know, printed books are a tiny bit “old style”. Nowadays we prefer video tutorials on DVD, workshops abroad or online webinars, whenever we want to learn something from someone who knows.

That’s fine with me. However, when you consider the value for money, a well written book is so much more economical than DVD tutorials, online-webinars or workshops abroad.

But how do I know that this is a well written book?. I don’t want to spend all that money, only to find myself done over once again?

Most patients with a serious and severe migraine problem are exceptionally suspicious, doubting their own judgment and observation. That is no wonder, given the countless well-meaning disappointments, fraudulent inadequacies, outright con-schemes and walloping lies they’ve experienced over the years. We know that and we understand that.

Therefore, as author and publisher, we give all our readers an antidote against the paralyzing distrust:

The Promise


“Where can I order my copy?”

Our Scientific Patient Guide can be ordered from most bookstores world wide. To make things easier for you, we’ve listed the main sellers and prepared a link to the respective site. Now rush and order your copy!


Revolution eStore (US)

Amazon.com (US)

Barnes & Noble (US)

Book Depository (US)

Amazon.ca (Canada)

Indigo (Canada)

Amazon.co.uk (UK)

Book Depository (UK)

Fishpond (Australia)

The Nile (Australia)

Kalahari (RSA)

Amazon.de (Germany)

Amazon.fr (France)

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