How do you fight a Migraine Revolution?

migraine_barricadesExperience shows that promoting change is an arduous task. Look at history: Whilst occasionally a nation managed to execute a former ruler, peoples’ efforts to overcome poverty, corruption, pollution or greed are usually in vain. Why is that? Why can people win against a military junta, but fail to limit global warming? What must we do to win the battle against the tyranny of severe migraine?

Some will say “We need better medication”, because they still believe the Current Regime’s propaganda: “Migraine is a neurological disease.” Are you sure that is true? What exactly is a “neurological disease” in your mind? Is migraine an infection with bacteria, a virus or a parasite? A cancer perhaps? What kind of disease is migraine?

Others have simply given up, because they were told “migraine is genetic”. Interesting, and what do you make of that? What does that mean for you? Chained to suffering and pain by a double helix made of proteins? Use your head! What kind of a pidgin-English sound bite do you allow to imprison you? “Is genetic“—who talks like that? And why?

Is it really the pervasive misinformation that people find in cheap books, magazines, blogs and websites which turns migraineurs into “compliant sufferers”? Or is there an unwillingness to take responsibility for oneself and others? Compliance and complacency? Or is the problem a lack of validated, helpful knowledge? Honest guidance, backed by science.

So what is it that patients with severe migraine need in order to break the chain of suffering and pain? What must we do to win the battle? How do we ensure that today is the day that we start terminating the terror?

Have your say. How do you suggest to fight The Migraine Revolution?




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